Adult Swim Lessons

Palo Alto Swim & Sport Adult Swim Lessons

Palo Alto Swim School is proud to offer group as well as private adult lessons. Whether your goal is to be water safe or improve your strokes, we can help you get there!

Our Teaching Philosophy
Palo Alto Swim School promotes life-long fitness, healthy habits and safer families. Knowing how to swim properly at any age builds a foundation for a long and healthy life. Palo Alto Swim School works with adults to develop proper technique through focused learning hands-on in water instruction.

Our Commitment to Safety
Our number one priority at Palo Alto Swim and Sport is safety in and around the pool, including safety in lessons, water quality, lifeguarding and emergency preparedness. Each instructor is trained in making each lesson a safe and fun environment. All our lifeguards are certified, trained and audited to the highest standards set by the American Red Cross and YMCA. Palo Alto Swim and Sport has retained the services of a leading environmental health and safety firm to guide our company to safer practices for our customers, staff and community.

Schedule & Pricing for Adult Swim Lessons

Private Lessons
All lessons are 30 minutes in length


Coming soon!


Private Lessons: $76/lesson (30 minute lessons)

Registration Info

As of August 5, 2021, we will now allow up to 4 students per lesson. At this time, ALL lessons are being taught from the pool deck. The instructor will NOT be in the water.

Lessons can be booked up to 21 days in advance. We release the lessons for reserving at midnight 21 days ahead of time.