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About Our Swim School

Palo Alto Swim School 2022

We are pleased to announce Palo Alto Swim & Sport will be offering group swim lessons for the community in 2022/2023.

At this time we are not offering any lessons available to the public as of November 2022.

Please check back soon for updates!

Levels and Classes at Palo Alto Swim School

During the first lesson, our instructor can take the swimmer through our in-water progression to assess skills and ensure where the lesson will start.

Level 1 (Starfish)
This beginner class focuses on increasing your child’s enjoyment, confidence and comfort in the water while introducing basic water safety skills.

For children who are comfortable being away from parent.


  • Face in water
  • Comfortable submerging in water
  • Back float assisted & unassisted
  • Front float assisted & unassisted
  • Bobs and rhythmic breathing
  • Assisted flutter kicking
  • Enter & exit water safely

Level 2 (Octopus)
This class continues to refine water safety skills as well as develop body position and kicks. Children build on foundational skills that will lead to success in the stroke classes to come. Swimmers must be water safe to enter this level.

For swimmers who are comfortable being away from parent and are water safe.


  • Comfortable in depth over head, deep end
  • Freestyle arm assisted
  • Freestyle with back float breath
  • Assisted side breathing
  • Flutter kick on front and back
  • Safety skills
  • Streamline
  • Drop and push
  • Kick distance in streamline
  • Kick distance on board
  • Dolphin duck dive from chest deep

Level 3 (Seal)
Freestyle & Backstroke

Swimmers learn Freestyle beginning with proper body position, efficient flutter kicks, freestyle arms and side breathing, while developing overall efficiency within the stroke. Swimmers will continue to review and improve upon their Freestyle while learning Backstroke. Swimmers will develop proper body position, rotation, efficient flutter kicks on back, and backstroke arms through hands-on instruction.


  • Kick in streamline front and back
  • Freestyle with side breathing multiple cycles – assisted & unassisted
  • Backstroke
  • forward rolls/somersault
  • Sitted dives
  • Safe backstroke finish
  • Circle Swim
  • Main Pool

Level 4 (Dolphin)
Breaststroke & Butterfly

Swimmers will continue to review and improve their Freestyle and Backstroke while learning the difference between the short and long axis strokes emphasizing the importance of proper kick and glide. Instructors will isolate the four parts of the stroke (glide, kick, breath and pull), yielding a successful Breaststroke. Swimmers will continue by learning Butterfly; including the importance of full body dolphin kick and undulation, timing of kicks with pull and recovery and complete the stroke with the addition of the breath.


  • Breast kick
  • Breast arms
  • Breaststroke
  • Fly undulation/Rhythm
  • Fly arms
  • Fly swim
  • Kneeling dives
  • Open turns

Schedule & Pricing for Swim Lessons

Schedule – Fall/Winter 2022

We are not currently offering any swim lessons at this time. Please check back soon!


Group Lessons: $125

*Youth Scholarships available from Beyond Barriers Athletic Foundation. For more information and to see if you qualify please fill out this form.

Lessons will be held in the Play Pool.


Cancellation Policy – Group Lessons
All bookings are final.
No refunds or credits will be issued.
No makeups, credits or refunds for missed classes

Beyond Barriers Athletic Foundation Scholarships

Palo Alto Swim & Sport is proud to partner with the Beyond Barriers Athletic Foundation (BBAF). BBAF offers scholarships to those financially in need who want to develop a life-long love for swimming in the Bay area. You can visit their website by clicking the link above to see all of their partners in the Bay area.

Palo Alto Swim & Sport offers BBAF scholarships for the following programs:

Swim School
Camp Rinconada Aquatics Camp
Lifeguard Certification

For more information and to see if you qualify please fill out this form.

BBAF Submission Form

Coaches & Instructors

Our Instructors
Each of our instructors completes training with a master instructor trainer before beginning solo instruction. Our Master Instructors have over 5 years of experience teaching swim lessons. New instructors are cross-trained with current instructors, so all instructors are familiar with current teaching techniques and methods. All our instructors attend regular on-going training throughout the year, to develop them as instructors, swimmers and individuals and strengthen our swim lesson program.

Marla Allen

Marla Allen has worked with Team Sheeper as a swim instructor and life guard since 2017.  She has a passion for teaching the young and older students and new instructors.  Her enthusiasm has coaxed the reluctant student to get their toes and faces wet and then develop them into strong swimmers all while having fun.

Policies & FAQs


No makeups, credits or refunds for missed lessons.
Bookings are final and no refunds will be issued.

15 Minute Sunscreen Rule
Palo Alto Swim and Sport requires that swimmers apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes prior to getting into the pool, and that they use the restroom prior to our lessons. This allows us to maintain optimal cleanliness to our facilities.


Q: What do I need to bring to my child’s lesson?
A: Please bring a towel, swimsuit, sunscreen and goggles. At this time there are no extra items available for sale.

Q: What is the Diaper policy if my child is not potty trained?
A: Al children who are not potty trained must wear a disposable swim diaper and a plastic diaper cover under their swim suit. This ensures we do not have any unnecessary pool closures.

Q: Can I drop my child off?
A: No. A parent or guardian must remain on the premises at all times.