2024 Rinconada Community Survey

We want to hear your feedback! If you have participated in any of Palo Alto Swim & Sport’s programs this year we want to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to fill out our 2024 Community Survey. Thank you for your ongoing support!

About Lap Swimming

Lap Lane Pool: 25 yards, supports 14 lanes, kept at 81 degrees F

Lanes are dedicated to Lap Swimming in the Lap Pool seven days per week year-round with a lifeguard on duty at all times. We observe circle swimming when there are more than two swimmers per lane. The number of lanes for Lap Swimming varies according to scheduled activities in each pool, but during the times below, you will find designated lap lanes. Look for the yellow cones on deck.

Open Swimming for Lap Swimmers
If you are registered to pay for laps monthly, you can come to Open Swim any time. Choose to swim laps or play with your kids — your time in the pool is already paid for. Even drop-in fees are good all day for both Laps and Open Swim.

Pool Rules
Please view and adhere to all of the pool rules while visiting Rinconada Pool. Thank you.
Pool Rules (updated 5/20/23)

Schedule & Pricing for Lap Swim

Palo Alto Swim & Sport: 7:00am Opening on Saturday, July 20th
The Rinconada Pool will open at 7:00am on Saturday, July 20th instead of the usual 6:00am to host a PASA practice. Please be advised.

Lap Swim (June 3 – July 28, 2024)

Monday – Sunday 6:00am – 5:00pm

To view a daily breakdown of our programming at Rinconada Pool, please view this PDF.
Summer Schedule at Rinconada: June 3 – July 31, 2024


Drop-In: $9
Senior (60+): $8
Monthly Membership: $65
Senior Membership (60+): $52

Drop-In: $10
Senior (60+): $9
Monthly Membership: $72
Senior Membership (60+): $61

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation requests must be submitted by the last day of current cycle (month) to terminate recurring payment/membership for the following billing cycle (month). Please fill out this form if you’re looking to cancel your membership. You may also cancel your membership in person with a Service Center representative.

Policies & FAQs

Reoccurring Payments
All payments are non-refundable. Each billing period is 30 days from the day the membership starts. There are no pro-rated refunds for mid-month cancellations.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation requests must be submitted by the last day of current cycle (month) to terminate recurring payment/membership for the following billing cycle (month). Please fill out this form if you’re looking to cancel your membership. You may also cancel your membership in person with a Service Center representative.

Conduct Safety
Please help ensure a great experience for everyone. Before you send your young swimmers to the pool, be aware that we wish to maintain high standards for conduct with emphasis on safety. We encourage behavior that is respectful and mature, and our guards will enforce safety rules with regard to running on deck, roughhousing and courtesy.

Locker Rooms
The Locker Rooms close 15 minutes after the pool is closed for the day. Please be aware of the time during the schedule.

Pool Rules
Please view and adhere to all of the pool rules while visiting Rinconada Pool. Thank you.
Pool Rules (updated 5/20/23)


Q: How many lap lanes do you have?
A: 14 lanes at 25 yards each.

Q: What temperature is the pool kept at?
A: 80 degrees Fahrenheit

Q: Are the pools salt water or chlorine?
A: All of our pools are chlorine

Q: Do you have lockers where I can store my belongings?
A: Yes. We have several lockers located in our changing rooms and out on the pool deck. It is recommended you bring a lock for your belongings.

Q: When is the best time to swim?
A: Mid-morning to mid-afternoon is typically the least busy for lap swimming.

Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: Our hours of operation can be found on our Pool Schedule page. For specific Lap Swim hours, please click on the “Schedule & Pricing” tab.

Q: I am a monthly member. Do I need to do anything to carry my membership into 2023?
A: Your monthly membership is recurring so there is no action needed from you to continue your membership into 2022.

Pool Rules

General Pool Rules

  • No swimming allowed unless a lifeguard is on duty.
  • Children ages fourteen (14) and under must be supervised by an adult at all times while at the pool facility.
  • Children 5 years and under must have a parent/guardian in the pool, within arm’s reach at all times.
  • Roughhousing, shoving, and dunking are not allowed. No pushing or pulling into the pool, hitting with noodles or other objects.
  • No spins, flips, belly flops, back dives, or back jumps.
  • No long breath holding, hyperventilating, or extended underwater swimming is allowed.
  • No playing, swinging, jumping, or diving on stairs, ladders, or railings.
  • No diving into the Instructional Pool. Jump in feet first, facing forward only.
  • Water wings and other inflatable devices are not allowed.  Only Coast Guard approved flotation devices are permissible and must be provided by the patron.
  • Non-toilet trained children must adhere to the double diaper policy.  They must wear a water-proof diaper and a diaper cover; a swim suit over the diaper counts as a diaper cover.
  • Swimmers must wear proper swim attire at all times.
  • No glass or ceramic containers are allowed anywhere in the facility.
  • No running or skipping on deck. Walk at all times to avoid accidents.
  • No unauthorized swim lessons or coaching.
  • Please do not visit with or distract the lifeguards. If you have questions, inquire inside at the Front Desk.
  • Only lifeguards who are properly trained are allowed on lifeguard chairs.
  • No sitting on, pushing down, or swimming over lane lines.
  • Kickboards, pull buoys and fins provided by Palo Alto Swim and Sport are for lap swimming only. They are not allowed in open swim areas.
  • Starting blocks are for use by competitive programs only when directly supervised by a qualified coach.
  • No smoking (including electronic cigarettes), alcohol, or drugs allowed in the facility.
  • No food or drink on the pool deck. Eating is permitted at tables, benches and grassy areas.
  • Bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates, scooters and other vehicles are not allowed to be operated in the pool area and must be walked while on deck.
  • No dogs or other pets are allowed in the facility except service animals.
  • Persons currently having active diarrhea or who have had active diarrhea within the previous 14 days shall not be allowed to enter the pool water.
  • Changing clothes on deck is not allowed.
  • In the event of an emergency, follow directions from the staff.
  • Any action or behavior that is deemed unsafe or inappropriate by the aquatics staff will not be allowed. All aquatics staff have full authority over guests using the pool area and as situations warrant, they may enforce rules not listed.
  • The Pool Manager on Duty may close the entire pool complex or any portion(s) of the pool complex, for any safety or maintenance reason.
  • Please respect the rights of others to feel safe and secure.
  • Please refrain from using profanity or offensive language, loud conversations or music, inappropriate public display of affection, or any other disruptive behavior
  • Admission price is for one entry only.  No in and out privileges.
  • Palo Alto Swim and Sport, Team Sheeper, Inc. and City of Palo Alto are not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items and assume no liability for the loss or theft of a patron’s personal belongings.
  • Lockers are provided to secure personal belongings. They are for day use only and will be emptied at the end of the day.

Facility Rules

  • Locker rooms will close 20 minutes after the pool closes.
  • Emergency doors are to remain closed and be used in case of emergency only.
  • Emergency doors, facility doors, storage areas, and safety equipment are not to be blocked by guests or objects.
  • Please dispose of all trash in receptacles provided.
  • Restrooms and locker rooms may not be used for loitering or other unintended uses. Cell phone use in locker rooms is prohibited
  • Offices and areas marked as “Employees Only” are not for use by the general public unless approved by staff.

Diving Board

  • Diving boards are for Open Swim use only.
  • Only one person on the board at a time.
  •  Second person in line must have both feet on the cement waiting their turn.  They may not start their dive until the previous diver has cleared the cone zone.
  • The dive must be face front and forward off the board.  No side or back or spin jumps.
  • One bounce only.
  • When resurfacing after the dive, the diver must return to the wall immediately but 8 feet away from the board (on the other side of the cone) and on the right side of the right board and on the left side of the left board.
  • Ladders are to remain clear unless being used to exit/enter the pool.


  • Slide may be used ONLY when a lifeguard is standing next to it.
  • Slide is for children’s use who are shorter than the height of the slide.
  • Slides are to be done sitting down only; no standing nor belly slides.
  • Second person in line must wait with both feet on the cement.
  • After completing a slide, the slider must clear the slide drop area immediately.
  • A swimmer may exit the pool near the slide with a three tile clearance of the slide.
  • The pool ladders may be used for entering and exiting the pool only.  No standing on the railing.


  • The ADA ramp is for use by physically challenged swimmers only.  The railing in this area is to have five feet of clearance at all times.

Thank you for helping keep our swimming pool safe and enjoyable for everyone!