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Swim Pro


Swim better and go faster with private lessons from our experienced Swim Pros. Improve your technique or conquer fear of the water, for both adults and children.

Palo Alto Swim and Sport offers the expertise of our Swim Pros for adult and youth private swim instruction. Our experienced Swim Pros bring coaching talent and passion for swimming and people to our entire swim program. Whether you’re fearful of the water or on the verge of dominating at swim meets, we can quickly help you make huge improvements.


If you’re a beginner or recreational swimmer, consider individual lessons with a Swim Pro, and work on enjoying swimming and learning correct stroke mechanics so that you can grow stronger and more confident in the water.

For advanced swimmers, our Swim Pros are available to help shave a few seconds off your 100 fly, or help you prepare to join a Masters team, with stroke refinement and form work to give you that competitive edge. Triathletes also benefit from one-on-one appointments with our Swim Pros to strengthen their swim technique and prepare for the next race.


Babies and young children, 6 months to 4 years, learn self-reliance in the water so they can rescue themselves if they should ever need to. Unlike WaterBabies, parent participation in Baby Pro sessions is optional. Many parents choose to observe from the pool deck, however parents who would like to participate in the lessons are welcome.

Through repetition of a few simple activities, babies and toddlers will learn to:
Respect the water – learning to avoid dangerous situations.
Self-Rescue – understanding the water and their bodies in it.

This class can be taken before, after, or in conjunction with Waterbabies or other swim lessons.
Our Swim Pros work with swimmers of all ages, from babies of 6 months to adults of any age, and all levels, from beginner to advanced! Call our Service Center for more details (650) 463-4914.


Lesson times are individually scheduled based on client’s preference in coordination with lane availability.

Jenna Holden, Rinconada Swim Pro, is available by appointments only. Contact Jenna via email: jenna@paloaltoswim.com

David Shen, Rinconada Swim Pro, is available at a variety of times throughout the day for adult Swim Pro appointments. Contact David directly for his availability at Rinconada Pool.

Steve Hurko, Rinconada Swim Pro, is available by appointments only. Contact Steve directly for his availability at Rinconada Pool.

Pricing: Private
30 minutes: $78
60 minutes: $135

Pricing: Semi-Private
30 minutes: $52
60 minutes: $86

Pricing: 6 Pack/Private
30 minutes: $420
60 minutes: $730

Pricing: 6 Pack/Semi-Private
30 minutes: $280
60 minutes: $464


Lessons are 30 or 60 minutes in length

All lessons need to be booked 48 hours in advance. Any changes to the schedule must be made 48 hours in advance to avoid charges.

No makeups.

Payment is due upon verbal confirmation and prior to lesson attendance. Credit card information provided at the time of registration will be processed upon registration. In the case of declined charges, you will be invoiced for the amount due plus a fee of $25.00.

Credit card payments will appear as a charge from Palo Alto Swim and Sport.

All lesson payments are final and non-refundable.

All checks should be made payable to: Palo Alto Swim and Sport

Meet the Pros

Jenna Holden

Growing up on a lake in upstate New York, Jenna developed a love of outdoor recreation and especially water sports at a young age. Wakeboarding, kayaking and swimming regularly topped the list. It wasn’t until she joined her local USA swimming league where she learned proper swimming technique and her love of the sport was cultivated. She continued to swim competitively year round through youth and on to the intercollegiate level. Jenna has since competed in master’s swim meets, open water swims and triathlons. She can still be found lap swimming in her free time and now enjoys sharing this love of the sport by teaching others.

Jenna began teaching kids to swim in 2006. With over a decade of teaching experience, she has expanded to working with a variety of ages and ability levels. Her experience includes both private and group lessons, adult lessons, coaching an adaptive swim team, as well as several years coaching competitive swimming for USA swimming teams in both NY and CA. Her areas of specialty are adapted aquatics and triathlon training. Jenna has a degree in Therapeutic Recreation and professional credentialing as a CTRS. She seeks to help others find their unique best path to success taking into account their goals, abilities, and interests and creating a personalized approach just for them. She is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and also holds certifications in the areas of coaching and aquatics. The combination of personal training, recreation therapy, and aquatics make her program so effective with clients.  

David Shen

David Shen is a certified Total Immersion Level 2 swim coach and has been coaching since 2011. After spending years swimming at terminal mediocrity, he discovered Total Immersion through Coach Shinji Takeuchi, whose Youtube video and live coaching inspired him to finally clean up his stroke and ultimately become a Total Immersion coach. David is a 6-time Ironman finisher and has raced numerous shorter races along the way, including the Waikiki Rough Water Swim, 15 Alcatraz crossings, and the NYC and LA Marathons. He is also an RKC Level 1 kettlebell coach, an Original Strength Level 2 coach, Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1, and conversant in many other rehab disciplines. In addition to training, he is also a Precision Nutrition Level 2 nutrition coach and working towards a health coach certification with Chris Kresser’s ADAPT Health Coach program. David is always expanding his knowledge in training and rehab, strength and conditioning, and health and wellness.

Total Immersion involves developing a swimmer’s skills in this order: Balance, Streamline, Propulsion, and Optimization. Laying propulsion onto a poor vessel just leads to tired arms and legs and undesirable speeds. We first improve your balance in the water and teach you how to stay horizontal. Then, we make sure you are fish-like as you make swimming movements to reduce unnecessary drag. Once we have laid the proper foundation, we teach you how to generate propulsion, leading to such techniques as the 2 Beat Kick and Early Vertical Forearm catch. After mastering Balance/Streamline/Propulsion, we then go into Optimization which is to maintain those 3 elements efficiently and effectively over distance and time.

A 1 hour Swim Pro session with David involves coaching towards a swimmer’s goals, whether they are for swim racing, fitness, or triathlon. The typical session can involve:

Videoing of the swimmer before the session.
Videoing of the entire session.
Physical assessment: breathing, mobility, posture.
Mobility work. Posture work.
Dryland exercises to improve swimming technique out of the pool.
Freestyle drills for Balance, Streamline, and Propulsion.
Teaching you how to use the Tempo Trainer to put consistency between workouts.
Teaching you how to effectively use swimming metrics to improve your swimming: Strokes Per Length, Time per length, Stroke Tempo, Rest period.
How to build your own workouts to train neurologically as well as physiologically.
Strategies and techniques for Optimization.

Please Contact David directly for his availability at Rinconada Pool!

Steve Hurko

Steve Hurko has spent the last decade coaching athletes of all ages w/ stops at Santa Clara Swim Club and the Bay Club. Over the years he has been able to coach at every level w/ Pacific Swimming and U.S. Masters. From National Top 10 age group swimmers to Ironman triathletes, Steve has seen the full spectrum of swimmers, and enjoys working with athletes of all ages.

Steve has worked with triathletes, competitive swimmers and adult beginners. Each age of swimmer poses it own unique challenges whether it be mental or physical. Steve takes and individualistic approach to make sure the needs of his swimmers are met. He takes a technical approach when refining strokes, and uses progression based methods to deliver results. There is a root to every mechanical stroke flaw. Proper identification of how a swimmer can or cannot compress and control the water is the foundation for the personalized roadmap to the swimmer’s success.

A ½ hour or 1 hour Swim Pro session with Steve can address your needs with regards to:

Stroke development
Finding efficiency in the water across all 4 strokes
Custom tailored workouts, and weekly workout plans
Videotaping w/ audio feedback
Instruction on proper training gear and its use
Goal setting and accountability

Contact Steve directly for his availability at Rinconada Pool.