Rinconada Pool Replastering Project: Closed March 6 - April 20th

Rinconada Pool will be closed on Monday, March 6 to replaster the Performance Pool and Play Pool this Spring. The estimated reopening date of the pool is Thursday, April 20th (weather and work pace dependent). For questions about your membership please contact us at info@paloaltoswim.com or view our FAQ page.

Pool Closure FAQ’s

Rinconada Pool will be working with Palo Alto Public Works to replaster the Performance Pool and Play Pool this Spring. This is an all encompassing project that will leave the pools closed for a minimum of 45 days. Please read this page for all the information you will need to stay updated and informed.

When is the last day the pool will be open before closure?
The last day the pool will be open to the public before the closure will be Sunday, March 5th.

How long will the project last?
The project will start on Monday, March 6th and run until Thursday, April 20th (weather and work place dependent).

Why do you need to resurface the pool?
After years of usage, our pool is starting to show signs of wear and tear.  Resurfacing will repair any damage and will help prevent future issues.

Why now?
We want to make sure to have the pool open and ready for summer!

Where else can I swim?
Nearby public pools:

Burgess Pool (also run by Team Sheeper)
501 Laurel St, Menlo Park

Eagle Park Pool (operated by City of Mountain View)
600 Franklin St, Mountain View

Can we swim at Burgess Pool instead?
Yes, we would love to have you continue to swim throughout this time. You are welcome to swim at Burgess Pool and will need to purchase a drop-in swim or a monthly membership to swim at Burgess Pool.

Will I see the amazing Rinconada staff if I swim at Burgess Pool?
Yes! Some of the Rinconada staff will be moving over to Burgess during this closure. You may get to see some favorite familiar faces as well as some new ones at Burgess Pool.


Are you canceling our membership?
No, we are not canceling your membership for the closure. We will freeze/suspend all memberships on the first day of the closure, March 6th. We will restart/unfreeze memberships on the first day of reopening.

How does the suspended membership work?
We will be suspending all memberships as of March 6th. All automatic membership renewals will be paused during the pool closure. When the repairs are complete and we are able to reopen the pool, we will restart your membership to finish your billing cycle and assure you have not overpaid. Your membership renewal date will change for future invoices.

For example, if your membership renewal date is the 1st of each month, when we put the freeze on your account on March 6th, you would have used 5 days of your membership.  If we open back up on April 20th, we will restart your suspended membership as of that day and you can complete the remainder of that billing cycle (25 days).  You would not be charged when we re-open because you still have 25 days left from your membership prior to our closing.  Once those 25 days are up, you will be charged for the next month (on May 15th) and the 15th of each month would become your new billing date.  If you would like to keep a specific billing date, let us know and we will work with you to make that happen.

What happens if I just renewed?
Not a problem! You will be able to finish out your already paid month of swimming when we reopen.

Can I cancel my Rinconada membership instead?
Yes, please let us know or complete the cancellation form on our website here: Registration Cancellation Form. We hope to have you back swimming with us as soon as possible!

How do I sign up for a membership at Burgess?
You can go online and sign up at this link:


You will be able to use your current scan-in card from Rinconada at Burgess once you have registered for a membership.  If you don’t already have one, we can give you one at the front desk during your first visit.

If I start a membership at Burgess, how can I cancel when Rinconada reopens?
No problem! Please send us a quick email at customerservice@menloswim.com or fill out our online cancellation form here: https://menloswim.com/contact-us/registration-cancellation-form/

What happens if I still have time left on my Burgess membership when Rinconada reopens?
We want you to continue to swim without overpaying. If Rinconada reopens, and you still have time remaining on your Burgess membership, please contact us customerservice@menloswim.com and we would be happy to assist you with transferring your balance to Rinconada.

I’m on a limited budget. Can I cancel at Rinconada and get a credit to use at Burgess?
Yes, we would be happy to help you with this.  Please contact us at info@paloaltoswim.com or customerservice@menloswim.com.

Masters – Why is Burgess Masters more expensive than Rinconada?
The Menlo Masters program offers 17 workouts over 7 days per week while the Palo Alto Masters only offers 13.  Menlo Masters is a more established program and has been running since 1995.  They also have more lanes available during their workouts and can accommodate more swimmers.

Is there some sort of discount available for this inconvenience when the pool re-opens?
YES! Palo Alto Swim & Sport will be offering a “Grand ReOpening Special” as soon as the project is completed. Offering all Palo Alto Resident Lap and Masters swimmers a 30% OFF monthly membership. (Only residents, for 1 month)