Adaptive Aquatics

About Adaptive Aquatics

Palo Alto Swim School is excited to offer Adapted Swim Lessons for children who have special needs and abilities. Swim lessons for those special abilities provides access to programming that combines physical activity, new stimuli, and alternative learning opportunities. Water is considered a great equalizer thanks to its gravity reducing quality thereby making challenges like weight support, balance, and motor skills minimized to non-existent. Special needs is a generic term for those whose needs will vary and we will “adapt” our swimming lessons to match. Our classes are limited to one student per lesson time, and with the consent of the instructor, parents and/or aids. Classes are paced by ability and progress may range from subtle to substantial.

All requests for Adaptive Lessons availability and additional information can be made with an email to our Head of Swim School Michelle Tedford at

Schedule & Pricing for Adaptive Aquatics


Adaptive lessons are available by appointment only. Please contact our Head of Swim School Michelle Tedford at


*To be determined: Depending on student’s needs*


Please contact us at for registration information. Registration for Adaptive Aquatics is done over the phone/email to ensure we have the best possible fit for them in our classes.