September Sock Surge

Introduction: Why We’re Doing This

The most recent complete Point In Time count, also known as a One-Day Count, of both unsheltered and sheltered people experiencing homelessness in San Mateo County was conducted in February 2022. The 2022 Count found that there were 1,808 people experiencing homelessness in San Mateo County on the night of February 23, 2022. This number includes: 1,092 unsheltered homeless people staying on streets, in cars, in recreational vehicles (RVs), or in tents, and 716 sheltered homeless people staying in emergency shelters and transitional housing programs.

For many of those in the unhoused population, their feet are their main and sometimes only mode of transportation. Having healthy, clean, dry feet is imperative for these individuals. It’s no surprise that new socks are the #1 most requested item for those who are experiencing homelessness.

To help address this need, Team Sheeper would like to invite you to participate in our First Annual September Sock Surge. With your help, we will provide new socks for our local homeless community. We will be working with LifeMoves, a local organization that provides interim housing and supportive services for families and individuals experiencing homelessness throughout Silicon Valley.

How It Works

For the month of September, you will keep track of every day you get in the pool for some type of exercise.  This activity can be swimming laps, attending a water exercise class, playing water polo, or water running/walking. Our suggested amount of time each day is at least 20 minutes.

For each day you swim for 20 minutes or more during the month, you are invited to donate one pair of NEW socks to LifeMoves.  You can bring in your donated new socks to the pool and we will collect them here. Once all the socks are collected, we will deliver them to LifeMoves and they will distribute the socks to those struggling with unstable housing in our own community.

We will have collection boxes available in our lobby throughout the month.

Questions? Please see our FAQ section!

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are interested in participating, all you will need to do is to click on this link and record your swim for the day. Each day you swim, you will need to fill out and submit for that day.

As we collect the information on the swims, we will post the results on our website here so you can track your progress and how we are doing as a community.

Our Gift To You

To show our appreciation for those who participate by swimming 15 days and donating 15 pairs of socks, we will offer a swim cap with our event logo.  If you swim 25 days and donate 25 pairs of socks, we will have a sun visor with the event logo for you..

At the end of our September Sock Surge on October 15th at 10:00am, we invite you to come to the pool to drop off any last pairs of donated socks, pick up your prizes, and connect with others in our community.


  • September 1-30: Swim every day possible for at least 20 minutes
  • September 15 – October 15: Drop off a pair of NEW socks for each day you swam
  • October 15: Join us for a community social, meet other participants and pick up your prizes

15 Days

25 Days



Q: What type of socks should I donate?
All donated socks should be new. Because LifeMoves works with individuals and families, they will welcome socks for all ages. Keep in mind that the majority of those experiencing homelessness are adult men so those will be the most needed.

Dark socks will tend to show less wear and tear and sturdier socks will last longer.  Our contact at LifeMoves mentioned antimicrobial socks would be a true gift for this population but these can be a bit more expensive.

Q: Do I need to bring in socks every time I come in for a swim?
A: You can if you would like but you don’t have to.  You are welcome to wait until the end of the month and bring in your socks all at once.  Just make sure to have them to us before October 15th since that is when we will be dropping them off to LifeMoves.

Q: I’m technologically challenged. Will it be difficult to record my swims? Can someone help me with filling out the form?
A: We tried to make recording your swims as easy as possible but if you still need help, we are more than happy to assist you. Just ask us at the front desk.

Q: I’m not sure I’ll be able to swim.  Can I still donate new socks?
A: Absolutely! Any donation of new socks is greatly appreciated and will make a difference to the recipient.

Q: I’m going on vacation for a week and will swim while I’m away. Can I count those swims?
Yes! We are happy to count those swims, too. And we hope you will do most of your swims with us so that we can thank you and encourage you in person throughout the month.